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P Eye Investigations, LLC

Theresa Sidders

P.O. Box 320553

Franklin, Milwaukee, wi 53132 USA

Member Type: Full

Investigative Specialties:
Domestic, Missing Person, Fraud, Process Service, Undercover

Phone: 414-831-9798/414-759-6858 Personal License #: 11804-63
Fax: Agency License #:
Facebook Link:
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Member Since: 2013-03-28




Profile for Theresa Sidders

My passion is to help families in locating dead beat parents and assist them in obtaining their court ordered unpaid child support.


Continuing Education Units

This member has attended these seminars within the past year:

Training Course Name Credit Hrs Issue Date
Education, PD pay, Bail Bondsman 0 2017-03-31
Event Security, Security for your business and individuals 0 2017-03-31
Google on Steroids 0 2017-03-31
Process Service, E-Filing 0 2017-03-31
Public Defenders Office 0 2017-03-31
Specializing your Business 0 2017-03-31
Uncovering Hidden Websites in Your State 0 2017-03-31
What do Judges hope for in a Private Investigator? 0 2017-03-31