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2019 PAWLI Annual Training Conference

Pre-Conference: TBD

Conference: March 28th - 29th

The Hotel Mead
451 E. Grand Ave,
Wisconsin Rapids, WI

PH:  715-423-1500


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Professional Association of

Wisconsin Licensed Investigators, Inc.


Raising the Bar for Professional Private Investigators in Wisconsin

Since 1991 PAWLI exists to elevate the profession through high quality education, networking opportunities, and legislative means.  2017 brings a change in leadership that promotes opportunity to review goals and objectives.  Initially, our focus is on increasing the membership so that we represent a majority of the state’s license holders in Wisconsin.    

Members benefit in several ways beginning with exposure on the PAWLI website and receiving vendor discounts and the PI Magazine. Please visit the Benefits of Joining area for more details.

Attorneys and other clients who seek private investigative services can depend on the PAWLI Membership, as each member is vetted and maintains a high standard of ethics.

This website strives to be a source for members and their clients for information on hiring and being a private investigator. Visit our Directory.


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